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What started in 2011 as a true “backyard” party for local real estate broker, David Fowler, Backyard Party has evolved, WITH THE ADDITION OF RHETT TREES, into one of Denver’s most exciting free summer concerts.

the backyard party is a non-profit event with proceeds from sponsorship's benefiting Denver-based Youth On Record.


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As part of Levitt Pavilion's free concert series, the Backyard Party 2019 brings the music of New Orleans to Denver. Visit the Levitt Pavilion website now to rsvp to the concert and upgrade to a VIP tickets for special access for $30.


Saturday, August 17th | Levitt Pavilion
1380 West Florida Avenue | Denver, CO 80023
Doors open at 5pm | Showtime at 6pm


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2019 lineup

very special guest……..

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The Mardi Gras Indian tradition dates back to around 1718. Runaway slaves from the transatlantic slave trade were taken in, protected, and hidden by the indigenous people of the continent in the Louisiana area. Throughout the years, the African and Native American cultures began to mix, creating a new masking culture. In West African culture, the use of masking, beads, and feathers is widespread. Similar headdresses and outfits are common in Native American traditions. Each suit, through the use of hand-sewn patches and handcrafted feathers, aims to tell a story.

As the culture matured in New Orleans, maskers paraded through the city during the Mardi Gras.  Because they were seen often during Carnival, they quickly became known as Mardi Gras Indians. Every year, on the third Sunday of March, members from over 30 Downtown and Uptown tribes come together to celebrate the culmination of the Carnival season. The Big Chief is the highest-ranking Mardi Gras Indian in each tribe. From



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